Audio Clips

Here are some audio clips (.wav files) of some FSK441 meteor scatter signals I have received. The program being used was WSJT.
You may have to click the link a second time as due to the information being downloaded the sound file is sometimes chopped off.
from VK6JJJ in Karatha when I was living in Dongara
from VK6JJJ
from VK6JJJ
One of my signals received in Karatha

Equipment being used at the time from my side was
  • FT-847
  • 9 Element ATN yagi (it was a 10 element but one element was broken)
  • 500Mhz Celeron Laptop computer
  • Rigblaster computer interface

    Beacon Signals
    VK6RST received on 70cm

    TV audio from South Australia

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    Last modified on 18/11/2007