VK6ZYX 2008 VHF/UHF Field Day Operations

June 21/22 2008 was the date of the inaugral VHF/UHF Field Day. Mike VK6ZYX decided to give it a go. He set up on the hills to the east of Yarloop, operating from the back of his Toyota Landcruiser.
He had antenna's for 6m, 2m and 70cm. Well you can plan most things but you cannot plan for low participation rates. He managed some contacts but overall the results were disappointing. I paid him a visit to one of his planned operating sites and met up with Mike and got a few photo's.

Mast - Fibreglass Squidpole, yagi's for 2m and 70cm, 3 element Delta Quad for 6m stung up between the yagi's,
and "Thing" from the Addams Family rotating the Squidpole.
(You can just see "Thing" above the door". hi hi)

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Last modified on 21/06/2008