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Meteor Scatter

screen grab from MAnalyser

This is a screen grab after running MAnalyser software overnight whilst in Katanning. Radio was a Icom PCR-1000 and the antenna was a Comet GP15 triband vertical. For those not familiar with MAnalyser it monitors the received audio and displays what is heard on screen.

In the image above, starting from the top left the software progresses in rows to the right. Timing marks can be seen in the white area's between each row. I think each mark is 10 mins apart.

So you can see a constant carrier was audible for a while as indicated by the white line visible in the black row. Where you see small dots of white, this indicates a small audio sound was detected...ie a meteor ping

The frequency in use was 57.250Mhz and the carrier and subsequent meteor pings is that of ABC TV in South Australia.

Below is a Spectran screen grab of one of these meteor pings.

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Last modified on 26/11/2007